November 1, 2019

Auditor's trivia

We all hate auditors. Especially the mean-I-don't-give-a-rat-ass-about-you-and-your-KPI auditor.

Auditors are usually perceived as time-wasting, useless and enjoys ballooning problems that don't really exist. They are a bunch of narcissistic who makes their living from making other people's life miserable with sleepless nights preparing for an audit day.

Before I leave you to think wrongly about every auditors out there, allow me to share with you the following trivias about an auditor.

1. Auditors will judge you based on a concorded standards, not by assumptions. Auditors never assume unless it is based on some facts and evidence.

2. Auditors does not glory on one's weaknesses, but will put their energy into solutions.

3. Auditing is actually a consulting activities. Not finding faults and police-playing.

4. Auditors will present a possible challenge to your system, and helps you to avoid worse problems down the road.

5. Auditors are aware that they might not be the life of the party, but they can be fun too.

6. Auditors are like everyone else. They have a job to do. Working 9-to-7 to make sure apples are always on their tables.

Now, do you still hate your auditors?

AKUBUKANSUPERMAN: Hackers may come, but auditors will come...
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